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 -- FAHRenergy's Caravan Improvement --

FAHRenergy HRV-Solar, Solar Ready:
The extreme low energy consumption is obtained by
using modern Electronically Commmutated fans and
Pulse Width Modulated quiet mode.

¹: Quiet mode needs FAHRenergy PWM-Solar unit
²: CoP = Coefficient of Power. 28 times more gained than consumed

The unit automatically assists in the following:

Solar powered summerhouse:
One unit supplies sufficient fresh, heat recovered air for a
50m² summerhouse.

Use two units for a larger summerhouse and save on

No electricity is needed. Just a low cost 6 watt solar system
in Quiet mode (Needs FAHRenergy PWM-Solar unit).

Solar Energy Saving:
A FAHRenergy HRV-Solar runs continuously for
24 hours using only 96 watt hours.
No electricity connection needed. Just a 6w/12v solar panel
Summer house, sommerhus
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More information:
Download HRV-Solar specification
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Solar powered HRV, FTX

Caravans & campervan mobile home

A 6 watt / 12v solar panel is sufficient to
power the FAHRenergy HRV-Solar
6 watt solar panel for caravan

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